Holiday Gift Guides 2020

Happy Holidays and welcome to my 2020 gift guides! I haven’t created a blog post in FOREVER. Maybe I’ll start writing more again?

Just like last year, I try to keep my gift guides simple with a few options for each category. A great majority of the gifts I have included, I either own or have gifted to someone and they have loved! I always want to make sure I give you suggestions that I know are quality and will make a great gift.

Personally, I like to gift just a few bigger (and by bigger I mean slightly more expensive) items to the people in my life rather than a bunch of smaller gifts. I have tried to include gifts that are affordable yet quality. I also love to gift functional items that they can use everyday! I hope these gift guides are helpful for you and stay tuned as I will be adding to this blog post as the holiday season continues 🙂


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